Peruvian Navy – Cruisers


De Zeven Provinciën class LOA 615′ / 187.5 m TDISP 12,000 tons (2 built, 1 preserved)

De Ruyter cruiser
HNLMS De Ruyter (C801) ca. [Detail of] Credit: Willem van de Poll Nationaal Archief [Dutch National Archives] 252-4128/ CC0
De Ruyter C-801 built in Holland, and served in Dutch Navy (1953-1972) Transferred to Peru and served as BAP Almirante Grau CLM-81 (1973-2017). In 2019 it was announced that she would become a museum ship in Lima.BAP Almirante Grau Callao 2017

Almirante Grau
BAP Almirante Grau at Curaçao, June 1973. CLM-81 Credit: Lswarte / CC BY

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