Peruvian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Replenishment and Resupply

BAP Tacna ARL-158 (2014) LOA 545′ TDISP 17,040 tons formerly HNLMS Amsterdam A-836 (1995-2014)BAP Tacna Callao 2018

Offshore Tugboats and local patrol

Cherokee Class Salvage Tug LOA 205′ TDISP 1,600 tons

USS Navajo, AT-64, Cherokee Class (lead ship, sunk by a Japanese submarine 1943). Mare Island Navy Yard photo # 4455-43, 6/16/43 / Public domain

BAP Guardian Rios ARB-123 (1960-2015) formerly USS Pinto ATG-90 (1943-1960)BAP Guardian Rios Callao 2012

Sotoyomo class tugboat LOA 143′ TDISP 830 tons

USS Tillamook, sister ship to Wateree during the War. U.S. Navy photo / Public domain

BAP Unanue ATA-136 (1961) formerly USS Wateree ATA-174 (1944-1961) used for diving support.BAP Unanue tug Callao 2018

Sail Training Ship

BAP Unión (2016) LOA 379′ TDISP 3,200 tons

BAP Union under sail visiting Valparaiso, Chile, 2018. Mauricio González from Reñaca, Chile / CC0

BAP Union Callao 2017

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