Navy of Pakistan – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Return to Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Replenishment and Resupply

PNS Nasr A-47 (1987) Fuqing Class (Chinese built) LOA 561′ / 171 m TDISP 22,000 tons

PNS Nast UG-LK_Photowalk_-_Colombo_Harbour_-_2017-03-12_(1)
PNS Nasr A-47 Colombo Harbor, 2017 Credit: Rehman A. and Azeez A. / CC BY-SA 

PNS NASR AOR Karachi 2019

PNS Moawin A-39 (2018) LOA 520′ / 158.5 m TDISP 17,000 tons. Built in Karachi naval shipyardsPNS Moawin A-39 AOR Karachi 2017

PNS Moawin A-20 (1994-2019) LOA 552′ / 168.3 m TDISP 16,600 tons. Formerly Dutch HNLMS Poolster A-835 (1964-1994) (Scrapped Gaddani Beach 2019-2020)PNS Moawin A-20 Karachi 2018

PNS Moawin A-20 Karachi 2014

PNS Moawin A-20 SCRAP Gadani 2019PNS Moawin A-20 Gaddani beach scrap 2019PNS Moawin A-20 Gaddani beach scrap 2021

Sail Training Ships

PNS Rah Naward (2010) LOA 190′ / 57.9 m TDISP  formerly Prince William sail trainer for the Tall Ships Youth Trust (2001-2010) two-masted brig.PNS Rah Naward Sail training Karachi 2020

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