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Kyan Sittha class LOA 354′ / 107.9 m TDISP 3,000 tons (2 active, service since 2014)

UMS Kyan Sittha F-12 (2014)

Kyan Sittha class ff Yangon 2020
With the deck code “B” it is reasonable to assume this is UMS Kyan Sittha F-12, as the earlier UMS Aung Zeya F-11 is marked “A”. Note these new frigates have large hangars.

UMS Kyan Sittha Yangon 2018UMS Sin Phyushin F-14 (2015)

UMS King Sin Phyu Shin F-14 Milan 2018 Exercise. Indian Navy (GODL-India) / GODL-India 

UMS Sin Phyushin Yangon 2014

UMS Aung Zeya F-11 (2010) LOA 354′ / 107.9 m TDISP 2,500 tons (1 active)

UMS Aung Zeya F-11, 2020. Credit: / CC0

Aung Zeya Yangon 2018Aung Zeya building Yangon 2010

Type 053H1 LOA 339′ / 103.3 m TDISP 1,700 (2 active, Chinese service since 1986-1988, service with Myanmar since 2012)Type 053H1 frigate Gwa-ywa 2014Type 053H1 frigate Myanmar

UBS Mayu (1947-1979) River Class frigate LOA 306′ / 93.3 m TDISP 2,170 tons. Formerly HMS Fal K-266 (1943-1947). Flagship of Burmese Navy, now preserved at the Naval Training Headquarters near Yangon.

HMS FAL (FL 10071) At anchor Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

URB Mayu-HMS Fal Yangon 2019URB Mayu-HMS Fal Yangon 2017

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