Myanmar – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Anawrahta class corvettes LOA 253′ TDISP 1,100 tons (3 active, service since 2001), built with Chinese technical assistance. Last unit built more than a decade later, with stealth features and a hangar.Anawrahta class corvette Yangon 2020UMS Tabinshwehti 773 (2016) Upgraded variant with stealth features.

UMS Tabinshwehti 773, 2020. Credit: Defence of Bangladesh / CC0

UMS Tabinshwehti 773 Gwa-ywa 2020

Ocean Patrol Vessels

Inlay Class LOA 270′ TDISP  1 active, 1 building at Thanlyin Naval Dockyard (Gwa-wya)Inle OPV building Yangon 2020UMS Inlay 54 (2017)

UMS Inlay Milan_2018_-_MILES_-_Milan_Exercise_Sea_-_13
UMS Inlay Milan Exersise 2018. Credit: Indian Navy / GODL-India 

UMS Inlay 54 Gwa-ywa 2020

Houxin Class patrol vessel (Fast Attack Craft – Gun) LOA 206′ TDISP 478 tons (4 active, service since 1995)Type 037FAC Gwa-ywa 2018

Hainan Class patrol vessels (submarine chasers) LOA 193′ TDISP 430 tons (9 active, service since 1991, 1 sunk in storm)Hainan class SCs Yangon 2020

49M Stealth FAC(M) Missile boats LOA 161′ TDISP 500 tons (2 active, service since 2016)FAC-M missile boats 2020

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