Colombian Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel Electric)

Pijao class Type 209/1200 183′ / 55.8 m LOA TDISP 1,285 tons submerged (2 active, service since 1975)

ARC Pijao SO-28 arrives into the basin of Naval Station Mayport, Feb. 2017. USN 3140475 (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark Andrew Hays OR CPO Robert Northnagle)

Pijao subs Cartagena 2020

Type 206A LOA 159′ / 48.5 m TDISP 500 tons submerged (2 active, 2 transferred for spare parts, service since 2012, German service 1974-2010)Type 206A Cartagena 2020

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