Navy of Bangladesh – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Type 056 C13B variant (Chinese built) LOA 300′ / 91.4 m TDISP 1,330 tons (4 active, service since 2015)

BNS Prottoy F-112 during exercises with the Indian Navy, 2020. Credit: Indian Navy (GODL-India), GODL-India , via Wikimedia Commons

Type 056 corvette Chattogram Bangladesh 2019Type 056 corvette Chattogram Bangladesh 2019-2

Castle Class LOA 246′ / 75 m TDISP 1,420 tons Royal Navy service 1981-2010 (2 active, upgraded from OPV to corvettes, Bangladesh service since 2010) Castle class corvette Chattogram 2017Castle class corvettes Chattogram 2011

Durjoy Class Large Patrol Ships LOA 211′ / 64.3 m TDISP 650 tons (4 active, service since 2013)

BNS Nirmul P-813, ca. 2013. Credit: Sf-000, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Durjoy Class PVs Chittagong 2019Durjoy class PV Khulna 2017

BNS Madhumati P-911 (1998) Korean built, originally intended for Coast Guard, LOA 200′ / 61 m TDISP 650 tons

BNS Madhumati P-911, ca. 2016 Credit: Shadman Samee, CC BY-SA 2.0, via <a href=”http://Wikimedia Commons

BNS Madhumati Chittagong 2019

Island class Coastal Patrol LOA 195′ / 59.4 m TDISP 1,300 tons (5 active, 1 retired, service since 2003)

BNS Sangu, P-713 during exercises with the USN, CARAT 2011.[Detail of] U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel Barker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons 110922-N-RI844-011 BAY OF BENGAL (Sept. 22, 2011)
Island class PV Chattogram 2019

Padma class Patrol vessels LOA 165′ / 50.3 m TDISP 350 tons (8 or more active, up to 23 planned, service since 2013) Padma class PVs Chittagong 2019

Meghna class Coastal Patrol LOA 153′ / 46.6 m TDISP 410 tons (2 active, service since 1984)

BNS Jamuna under refit at Khulna, 2016. Credit: Shadman Samee from Dhaka, Bangladesh, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Meghna Class BNS Titumir Khulna 2019

BNS Sagar M-91, (1995) Chinese built Type 010 (T-43 Soviet Minesweeper copy) class, used as patrol ship LOA 197′ / 60 m TDISP 600 tonsBNS Sagar T-43 MS Chittagong 2019BNS Sagar T-43 MS Chittagong 2014

Huangfen (Type 021) patrol boats (originally missile boats, chinese built copy of OSA class) LOA 127′ / 38.7 m TDISP 205 tons (4 active, service since 1988) anti-ship missiles appear to have been landed.Huangfen Type021 patrol Chittagong 2019

River class  LOA 154′ / 46.9 m TDISP 900 tons (minesweepers, service with RN 1984-1994, transferred to Bangladesh, service since 1995) currently used for local patrol.

HMS Blackwater mine warfare paying off
HMS Blackwater, River class minesweeper, shown flying her Paying Off pennant. Blackwater was sold to Bangladesh on 3 October 1994 (actually it appears despite the caption that Blackwater was sold to Brazil. Copyright: © IWM. (FL 26403)

River class mine warfare Chittagong 2019

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