Iranian Navy – Landing Ships

Landing Ships Return to Corvettes and Patrol Ships Hengam class Landing Ship Tank LOA 305′ TDISP 3,000 tons (4 active, service since 1974)
The tank landing ship IRIS Hengam underway, 1988 [Detail of]. NARA: USN Official 330-CFD-DN-SN-89-01507.
IRIS Larak 512 (1974)
Iran Ajr Class LST 176′ LOA TDISP 2,275 tons (5 built for Iran in Japan, 3 sunk, service since 1979) used for mine-laying
An aerial view of the captured Iranian mine-laying ship IRIS Iran Ajr with a US Navy landing craft alongside, Sep. 1987, before it was scuttled. NARA: US Navy Official 330-CFD-DN-SC-87-12582 (PH3 Henry Cleveland)
Fouque Class Landing Ships LOA 121′ TDISP 275 tons (2 active, service since 1992)
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