Iranian Navy – Frigates

Frigates Moudge Class LOA 312’ / 95.1 m TDISP 1,500 tons (2 active, 1 lost). This class has been heavily modified, with the latest units showing evidence of major upgrades.
IRIS Jamaran frigate line drawing. Credit: Jimderkaisser / CC BY-SA
Talayieh (building). This ship had been expected to enter service in 2022, but based on reports and photos, has partially collapsed on its side in the drydock during early December, 2021. Talayieh frigate building Bandar Abbas 2021
IRIS Sahand 74 (2018) reuses the pennant number of the Alvand class frigate destroyed by US forces during 1988. This new Sahand is reportedly an upgraded Moudge variant.
IRIS Jamaran 76 (2010)
IRIS Damavand 77 (2015-2018) this ship appears to have ran aground on the harbour breakwaters of Bandar-e-Anzali. Reports by the regime are that it was raised and will be returned to service. This appears unlikely, though a new unit may replace it.
Given the position of the aft helicopter platform, it appears that the wreck is severely damaged, with the crane engaged in salvaging components.
Alvand Class LOA 310’ / 94.5 m TDISP 1,500 tons (3 active, 1 sunk by USN units, 1988)
A starboard beam view of an Iranian Alvand class frigate underway, 1988. NARA: USN Official 330-CFD-DN-ST-88-07502 (PH1 Alex Hicks)
An aerial view of the Iranian frigate IRIS Sahand burning after being attacked by aircraft of Carrier Air Wing 11 in retaliation for the mining of the USS Samuel B. Roberts, April 18, 1988. Remarkably, this ship was repaired. NARA: USN Official 330-CFD-DN-SN-89-03123
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