Iranian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships Return to Submarines Shahid Soleimani Class missile catamaran LOA ca. 220′ / 67.1 m (3 building as of 2022) will be IRGC operated. IRGCN Shahid Soleimani-class catamaran Bandar Abbas 2022
Shahid Soleimani missile corvette Qeshm island 2022
This view of the Qeshm Island shipyards also shows one of three Shahid Soleimani Class missile catamarans building , while a different naval catamaran at top right. Less is known about this type, but HI Sutton has stated it appears to have missile cut-outs at the stern, and clearly lacks any flight facilities.
Bayandor Class (US PF-103 design, built for Iran) LOA 276′ / 84.1 m TDISP 1,100 tons (2 active, 2 lost, service since 1963)
IRIS Bayandor 81 conducting drills with Russian naval units, 2019 Credit: Ali Khara, Mehr News Agency / CC BY
IRIS Naghdi 82 (1963)
IRIS Naghdi 82 Credit: Iran Front Page / CC BY
IRIS Naghdi 82 (1963)
IRIS Hamzeh corvette (formerly Imperial Yacht Shahsavar) (1936) LOA 176′ / 53.6 m TDISP 580 tons. Built in the Netherlands. This yacht was converted into a training ship and patrol boat armed with C-802 anti-ship missiles (visible in cut-outs on stern deck) and light guns.
IRIS Hamzeh 802 Credit: / CC BY
La Combattante IIa Class Fast Attack Boats LOA 154′ / 46.9 m TDISP 260 tons. IRGC operated. The Iranian names for this class is the Kaman and Sina, which are slight variants. (16 across two types, more under construction. 3 were sunk by US forces during the 1988 raids)
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Council (Navy) ship Kaman (Combattante II) Class Gardouneh P-229, on a routine patrol in the Arabian Gulf, 2001. NARA: US Navy Official 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-00553(PH2 Andrew Meyers)
Hendijan class also considered tenders. LOA 154′ / 46.9 m TDISP 420 tons (12 active, service since 1990) Hendijan class Bandar Abbas 2021
Kayvan (Cape) Class LOA 95′ / 29 m TDISP 150 tons (3 built in US 1950s, possibly still active) Cape class PV Bandar Abbas 2021 Continue to Landing Ships
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