Indonesian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Diponegoro Class (Sigma 9113) LOA 298′ TDISP 1,700 tons (3 active)Diponegoro Class Surabaya 2013

KRI Diponegoro 365 ca. 2007. Credit: Mr Wim Kosten,

KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda 367 (2008) KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda 367 Surabaya 2020

KRI Sultan Hasanuddin 366 (2007)KRI Sultan Hasanuddin 366 Surabaya 2018KRI Frans Kaisiepo 368 (2009)KRI Frans Kaisiepo 368 Surabaya 2020

Bung Tomo class LOA 312′ TDISP 1,900 tons (3 active, service since 2014) Originally all units built at BAE Systems, Barrow-in-Furness, UK, for the Royal Brunei Navy, launched by 2002, but instead stored until sale to Indonesia 12 years later. Bung tomo corvettes Barrow-in-Furness UK 2014

KRI Bung Tomo 357 (2014)

KRI Bung Tomo 357, 2014. Credit: Marwan Mohamad / CC BY-SA

KRI Bung Tomo Surabaya 2020KRI John Lie 358 and KRI Usman-Harun 359 (both 2014)Bung tomo corvettes Jakarta 2019

Fatahillah class LOA 276′ TDISP 1,450 tons (3 active)

KRI Fatahillah 361, 2005. Credit: Indonesian Navy / Public domain

Fatahillah class corvette Surabaya 2019

Kapitan Patimura class (East German Parchim class) LOA 236′ TDISP 950 tons. Twenty-two were built 1985-1989 in East Germany, with most transferred to Indonesia in 1992. Twelve went tor Russia, and 6 still serve with the Baltic fleet. The units transferred to Indonesia have been substantially upgraded. (16 in Indonesian service, 2 retired)

KSS Wismar plans, East German Navy. Credit: Y7mx / CC BY-SA

Parchim class corvettes Surabaya 2020

KRI Imam Bonjal 383 at Port Blair, Nov.. 2017, following joint Indian Navy / Indonesian Navy patrols. This Parchim class ASW corvette was originally the East German Teterow 234, sold in 1992. Credit: Indian Navy / GODL-India 

Parchim class Indonesia 2019

Sampari Class fast missile boat LOA 196′ TDISP 460 tons (4 active, 2 building)

KRI Sampari 628, 2019. Credit: Indonesian National Armed Forces / Public domain

KRI Sampari 628 and KRI Tombak 629 (both commissioned 2014)

Sampari Class Surabaya 2018
This view also shows a third Sampari class building.

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