Indonesian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships 

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KRI Multatuli 561 Command Ship (1961) Built in Japan LOA 367′ TDISP 6,700 tons

[[File:KRI Multatuli (561) Cropped.jpg|KRI Multatuli (561) Cropped]] Indonesian Navy / Public domain
KRI Multatuli 561 Command Ship Surabaya 2020

Replenishment and Resupply

KRI Arun 903 Rover class fleet support tanker (1992) formerly British RFA Green Rover A-268 (1969-1992) LOA 461′ TDISP 16,160 tons (1 active with Indonesia)KRI Arun Surabaya 2020

Hospital Ships

KRI Semarang 594 (2018) Makassar class LOA 410′ TDISP (see amphibious warfare ships) now Hospital Ship

KRI Semarang Credit: EvoSwatch / CC BY-SA

KRI Semarang 594 Surabaya 2019

KRI Dr Soeharso 990 (2003), sole unit of the Tanjung Dalpele Class, constructed as a landing dock ship but modified into a dedicated hospital ship LOA 400′ TDISP 11,600 tons (Korean design, subsequently influenced Makassar class)KRI Dr Soeharso hospital Surabaya 2019

KRI Dr Soeharso 990 Indonesian Navy / Public domain

Sail Training Ships

KRI Bima Suci Bark (2018) LOA 370′ TDISP unknown

KRI Bima Suci visting Vladivostok in Sep. 2018 AdmiralHood / CC BY-SA

KRI Bima Suci sail training Surabaya 2020

KRI Dewaruci LOA 136′ TDISP 1,500 tons (1953)

KRI tall ship
KRI Dewaruci at Pearl Harbor, 2012. Tech. Sgt. Michael Holzworth / Public domain

KRI Dewaruci Surabaya 2019

KRI Arung Samudera Sail Training ship (1991), 3 masted schooner, used for cadet training LOA 129′ TDISP unknownKRI Arung Samudera Surabaya 2019

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