Indonesian Navy – Amphibious Warfare Ships

Amphibious Warfare Ships

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Landing Platform Dock

Makassar Class LOA 404-412′ / 123.1-125.6 m TDISP 11,400 tons (5 active, 1 of which is converted to a hospital ship, see auxiliaries listing) The first two units have space for two helicopters, the second two have a third place, a shortened superstructure, and apparently have enhanced command and control and can function as flagships.

KRI Makassar 590, the first unit, ca. 2007, showing the rounded bows and long superstructure. Koxinga CDF at English Wikipedia / CC BY

Makassar class variants Surabaya 2019

KRI_Banjarmasin 592
KRI Banjarmasin 592, a later unit, in 2014, showing the shortened superstructure and lengthened flight deck, and the pointed bows. Marwan Mohamad / CC BY-SA

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