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Baden-Württemberg class LOA 491′ / 149.7 m TDISP 7,200 tons (2 active, 2 building)

FGS Baden-Wurttemberg F-222 at the deperming range, Wilhelmshaven, Apr. 2017 Credit Ein Dahmer / CC BY-SA 

Baden-Württemberg building Hamburg 2016FGS Rheinland-Pfalz F-225 (fitting out)

Rheinland-Pfalz F-225 building, 2019, Haburg. Bahnfrend / CC BY-SA

Rheinland-Pfalz F-225 Hamburg 2019FGS Sachsen-Anhalt F-224 (fitting out)

Sachsen-Anhalt F-224 during sea trials OCt. 2019 near Wilhelmshaven Ein Dahmer / CC BY-SA

Sachsen-Anhalt F-224 Hamburg 2018FGS Baden-Württemberg F-222 (2019)Baden-Württemberg F-222 Hamburg 2018

Nordrhein-Westfalen F-223 Feb. 2018 Credit: Fabian Horst / CC BY-SA 

Sachsen class LOA 469′ / 143 m TDISP 5,800 tons (3 active) considered a frigate but by size and role seems to be destroyer.

FGS Sachsen F-219 (2002)Sachsen F-219 Wilhelmshaven 2017FGS Hamburg F-220 (2004)

German navy frigate FGS Hamburg
FGS Hamburg F-220 operating with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group March 2013. US Navy Official 885068 SN Andrew Schneider

Hamburg F-220 Wilhelmshaven 2017FGS Hessen F-221 (2006)

USS Harry S. Truman in France
FGS Hessen F-221 and USS Harry S. Truman, France June 2010. US Navy Official 290311 PO2 Kilho Park

Hessen F-221 Wilhelmshaven 2017

Lütjens class Type 103 LOA 437′ / 133.2 m TDISP 4,700 tons (3 retired, 1 preserved) variant of USN Charles F. Adams class destroyers, built at Bath Iron Works, Maine.

FGS Mölders D-186 (1969-2003)

FGS Mölders D-186 plans Credit: Eberhard Marx / CC BY-SA

D186 molders modified Adams class DDGFGS Lütjens D-185 (1969-2003) scrapped in Turkey 2012.

Lütjens D-185, Kiel, 2003. Credit: The father of Darkone /CC BY-SA 

Lütjens Wilhelmshaven 2009

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