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French Navy Cruisers

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Jeanne d’Arc R-97 Helicopter-carrying cruiser (1964 – 2010) LOA 597′ / 182 m TDISP 12,300 tons. Scrapped 2015 near Bordeaux

Jeanne D'arc
Jeanne d’Arc R-97 at International Naval Review, 1986 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-87-01219 Emmett Francois

Jeanne d'Arc R-97 Bassens 2015Jeanne d'Arc R-97 Brest 2010Jeanne d'Arc R-97 Bassens 2009Colbert C-611 Anti-Aircraft/Missile cruiser (1959-1991) LOA 592′ / 180.4 m TDISP 11,100 tons museum ship 1993-2007 at Bordeaux, then in inactive ship facility at Landévennec, scrapped 2016-2017 at Bassens in the Gironde.

Colbert 1949 model
1949 model of the planned layout of the Anti-Aircraft Cruiser Colbert, showing the copious dual-purpose AA/surface armament, which would have let her function in a variety of roles. NARA: 286-MP-fra-06807. Colbert was later converted to a missile cruiser.

Colbert museum ship Bordeaux FR 2006.jpgColbert scrap bassens 2017Colbert inactive Landévennec 2012

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