Egyptian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Vessels

Auxiliaries and Other Vessels

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Support Ships

ENS Shaladein A-230 (2003) LOA 375′ / 114.3 m TDISP 3,700 tons formerly German FGS Glücksburg A-1414, Lüneburg Class (Type 701) Replenishment ship (1968-2003) ENS Shaladein A-230 Alexandria 2021ENS Shaladein 230 Alexandria 2020

ENS Halaib A-231 (2003) LOA 344′ / 104.9 m TDISP 4,400 tons formerly German FGS Odenwald A-1436 (1967-2002) Westerwald Class (Type 760) Ammunition TransportENS Halaib 231 Alexandria 2014

Naval Yachts

El Mahrousa (1865) (current name as Presidential Yacht and originally as an Egyptian Royal Yacht) later called El Horriya originally built along the lines of HMY Victoria and Albert II (British Royal Yacht), commissioned into the Egyptian Navy and occasionally used for training purposes LOA 479′ / 146 m TDISP 3,800 tons

1940s view of then “Al-Mahrousah.” Unknown author / Public domain

El Horriya Pres. Yacht Alexandria 2019.jpg

Egyptian Naval Academy training ship sometimes called “El Quosseir” or Al Kousser (in Jane’s Fighting Ships) (1930-ca. 2020) Previously named Fakhr el-Bihar LOA 278′ / 84.7 m TDISP ca. 1000 tons (built ca. 1930 Ramage & Ferguson) inactive in Alexandria for a long period, appears to be scrapping in Alexandria in the naval shipyards during 2021.

Naval academy training ship scrap Alexandria 2021Naval academy training ship scrap Alexandria 2021-2Egyptian Naval Academy Yacht Alexandria 2018

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