Ecuadorian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Esmeraldas Class LOA 190′ / 57.9 m TDISP 685 tons (6 active, service from 1982)

ESMERALDAS CM-11 during training exercises with USS Reuben James FFG-57 en route to Exercise Teamwork South ’99. NARA: US Navy Official 330-CFD-DN-SD-02-01922 PH1 Chris Desmond

Esmeraldas corvettes Guayaquil 2015

Quito (Lurssen 45) Class LOA 148′ / 45.1 m TDISP 250 tons (3 active in service since 1976)

Quito LM-31 fast missile boat , 1979. NARA: US Navy Official 330-CFD-DN-SN-82-09617 PH2 J. Vinson

Quito class guayaquil 2017

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