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Type 052D (Luyang III class) LOA 515′ / 157 m TDISP 7,500 tons (25, 6 building)

PLAN Destroyer Hefei DDG-174 Ministry of Defense (Japan) Press Release 2016/05/24 via wikimedia commons 日本防衛省·統合幕僚監部 [CC BY]
Kunming DD-172 (2014)Type052D Kunming 172 Haipo 2015Type052D DD Zhoushan 2018Type052D DD Sanya 2019.jpg

Type 052C (Luyang II) LOA 508′ / 155 m TDISP 7,000 tons (6 active)

Maritime Interdiction Operations at RIMPAC 2016
Type 052C destroyer Xi’an 153 during RIMPAC 2016. US Navy Official photograph 2731247 (Chinese navy courtesy photo by Sun Hongjie)

Haikou DD-171 (2005)Type052C Haikou Haipo 2016

Type052 C and D comparison DD Zhoushan 2017
Side by side comparison of Type 052C (bottom) and D classes, showing the different VLS layout in bow (canister-type cells vs. older revolver type). The C also has the twin quad anti-ship cruise missile launchers just forward of the hangar.

Type 052C DD Zhoushan 2019

Type 052B (Luyang I class) LOA 509′ / 155 m TDISP 6,500 tons (2 active)

Guangzhou 168 2007 Manuel Luís Soto Sáenz [CC BY-SA 3.0 ES]
Wuhan DD-169 (2004)Type052B Wuhan Haipo 2017.jpgType052B DD Haipo 2010.jpg

Type 051C (Luzhou Class) LOA 509′ / 155 m TDISP 7,100 tons (2 active)

Shenyang 115 (2006) and Shijiazhuang 116 (2007)

Type 051C DD Qingdoa 2010.jpgType 051C Qingdao 2014.jpgType051C Haipo 2013

Sovremenny Class (Russian Built, units upgraded by PLAN) LOA 512′ / 156 m TDISP 8,400 tons (4 active) original 2 had rear AK-130 gun position. Last 2 units (Project 956EM) were delivered without this. All units being upgraded with new  VLS cells, and the replacement of the large Moskit anti-ship 4 cell missile tubes (tucked under either side of bridge) that is the most distinctive feature of this Russian class.Sovremenny PLAN DD Zhoushan 2018Sovremenny PLAN DD Zhoushan 2018-2Sovremenny PLAN DD Zhoushan 2019

Type 052 Luhu Class LOA 472′ / 144 m TDISP 4,800 tons (2 active)

Luhu Class Qingdao (DD-113) visiting US Naval Station Everett, WA, 2000 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-03-11640 Todd R. Cromar, USN

Qingdao DD-113 (1996)

Type052 7Qingdao 113 Haipo 201
Qingdao DD-113 showing the post-2011 upgrades including the new CIWS systems on the hangar.

Type 052 Luhu-class DD Qingdoa 2013.jpgType 052 Luhu-class DD Qingdoa 2012

Type 051B (Luhai Class) LOA 502′ / 153 m TDISP 6,000 tons (1 active)

Shenzhen (167) (1999)

Type 051B Destroyer Fiery cross reef 2018
ID based on there only being one of this class.

Type 051 (many variants – NATO name Luda Class, distinct from Type 051 B and C classes above) LOA 433′ / 132 m TDISP 3,700 tons

Luda II class destroyer Zhuhai (D-166) underway, South China Sea, 1994 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-95-01821

Type 051 D (Luda I Class)

Xi’an (106) (1974-2007) Museum ship at Wuhan Museum of Science and Technology.

Luda I class Xian (DD-106) underway South China Sea, 1993 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-94-00789

Xi'an 106 Type 051D DD museum Wuhan

Nanchang (1983 – 2016) Museum ship at Nanchang, Jiangxi

Nanchang Luda I 2017

Type 051 at Port Arthur 2014
3 of the following 4 destroyers, which all decommissioned at this same location in 2019: Kaifeng (with pennant number 109), Dalian (110), Zunyi (134), and Guilin (164)

Luda II type sole unit, Jinan (105), modified Type 051 destroyer with helicopter carrying facilities Museum ship at Qingdao naval museumJinan type 51 DDH, Qingdao 2019

Anshan Class / Type 6607 destroyers LOA 370′ / 113 m TDISP 2,000 tons  – originally Gnevny-class Soviet destroyers transferred to China and converted into Guided Missile Destroyers first of PLAN destroyers (4 retired, 3 preserved)

Anshan 101 (1954)Anshan 101 Qingdao 2019.jpgChangchun 103 (1955)Changchun 103 Rushan 2017.jpgTaiyuan 104 (1955)Taiyuan 104 Dalian 2016.jpg

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