Chinese Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Vessels

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Intelligence Gathering

Type 815A spy ship or electronic surveillance ship LOA 427′ / 130 m TDISP 6,000 tons (1 active, 3 building)

Kaiyangxing (Mizar) 856 (2017)Type 815A Kaiyangxing Qingdoa 2019

Type 815G spy ship or electronic surveillance ship LOA 430′ / 131 m TDISP 6,000 tons (6 active)

Haiwangxing (Neptune) 852 (2015)

Type815 Haiwangxing (Neptune) Haipo 2016


Type 901 Fast Combat Support Ship LOA 787′ / 240 m TDISP 45,000 tons (2 active)

Hulun Lake 965 (2017)Hulun Lake Xiangzimen Shandong 2017

Stores Ships

Type 904B general stores issue ship (Dayun Class) LOA 531′ / 162 m TDISP 15,000 tons (5 active, 1 fitting out)

Junshan Lake 961 (2015)Junshan Lake Subi Reef 2018.jpgLugu Lake 962 (2015)Lugu Lake 962 subi reef 2018.jpg

Type 904 LOA 408′ / 124.4 m TDISP 15,000 tons (2 active)

Dongting Lake 883 (1992)Dongting Lake 883 subi reef 2018.jpg

Rescue Ships

Type 917 rescue and salvage ship LOA ca.260′ / 79.2 m TDISP unknown (2 active, service since 2012) first PLAN trimaran hull, equipped with two rescue boats and armed with a 30mm gun.Type 917 Rescue Ship Hainan Island 2021-07

Training Ships

Shichang Air Training Ship (1997) LOA 394′ / 120 m TDISP 10,100 tons. General resemblance to RFA Argus. Appears to be serving as a hospital ship.Shichang 82 Maolin 2020

Historic Ships and replicas

Dingyuan ironclad (1993) replica built at Weihai. LOA 308′ / 94 m TDISP 7,500 tons. The original ship was built at Stettin Germany and served 1883-1895. During the First Sino-Japanese War, it was a unit of the Beiyang fleet, damaged at the Battle of the Yalu River and scuttled after the Battle of Weihaiwei. The wreck was rediscovered in September 2019. The replica was initially a display at Weihai, but was moved to a shore display at the beach of the nearby Liugong Island in 2019.

Chinese ships at the Yalu River, with flagship Dingyuan at the center. Credit: WH Overend, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Dingyuan ironclad replica Liugong Island Weihai 2019
Dingyuan replica on the beach along the South coast of Liugong Island. The offset layout of the main turrets, armed with 12″ guns, is evident.
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