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Aircraft Carriers

dalian shipyards 2 chinese carriers 2018

Fujian 18 Type 003 class fitting out. LOA ca. 1,040′ /  317 m TDISP 85,000 tons. The largest non-US carrier yet. The below view shows this at the Shanghai shipyards (Jiangnan), close to completion and at the earlier stages of mega-block construction. For views of USN supercarriers of similar size being dismantled, see our page.  Launched 17 June, 2022. Overall, the deck lines seem most similar to the Kitty Hawk class variant USS John F. Kennedy, CV-67.

Type 003 Shanghai 2022-08Type 003 Shanghai 2021-11Type 003 Shanghai 2021-09Type 003 Shanghai 2020Type 003 Shanghai 2020

Type 002 class (sub-class variant of Soviet/Russian Kusnetsov design) (1 active)

PLAN Shandong 17, fitting out June 2019 Tyg728 [CC BY-SA]
Shandong 17 (modifications from Kuznetsov design) (2019) LOA reported as 1033′ but careful measuring of multiple captures suggest an actual overall length closer to 1005′ / 306 m TDISP 70,000 (more likely this is also about 1000′ long)shandong type 001a Dalian 2019-2shandong type 001a Dalian 2019

Shandong Sentinel W of Taiwan straits Sentinel-2 L1C image on 2022-03-17
Sentinel imagery SW of Taiwan Straits shows Shandong transiting the Straits on 2022-03-17.

Type 001 class Modified Kuznetsov-Class heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Varyag, left unfinished on the dissolution of the Soviet Union in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian government sold the derelict “dead” ship to China in 1998 under agreement it would become a floating casino. Instead it was “re-animated” (my term) being rebuilt and converted first to a training carrier, and now an operational carrier.

Liaoning (ex- Varyag) pennant 16 (completed 2012) LOA 1005′ / 306.4 m TDISP 58,000

【セット】20180420 本文(CV クズネツォフ
PLAN carrier Liaoning 16 Taiwan Island, April 2018 Ministry of Defense (Japan) Press release 2018/04/20, uploaded to wikimedia commons: 日本防衛省·統合幕僚監部 [CC BY]
Liaoning Xiangzimen Shandong 2017
Liaoning can be distinguished from the new Shandong by the squared off deck structures on the leading and trailing edges of the island, which also has been reduced in length to free up more flight deck.

Liaoning 16 Dalian 2012.jpgEx-Varyag (Liaoning) 2003 Dalian shipyards

Carrier deck layout at training facility near Huangjia Lake, SW of Wuhan China. Originally constructed 2009 LOA 1,000′ / 305 m See the Chinese Navy cruisers page for the nearby Type 055 superstructure.

Fakecarrier Wuhan 2010
This full scale mock-up in appearance is closer to the Shandong than the Liaoning, though the waist extension leading edge is not tapered, as it is on both carriers.

Fakecarrier Wuhan 2017Fakecarrier Wuhan 2019

Mock carrier in Shanghai built into a lake LOA 725′ / 221 m reduced layout of what appears to be closer to a US supercarrier.FakecarrierShanghai_China 2018A.jpg

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