Chilean Navy – Destroyers


County Class LOA 520′ / 158.5 m TDISP 6,200 tons (service 1966-2006) (4 retired, all scrapped)County Class Talcahuano 2009Blanco Encalada DLH-16 (1988-2003) formerly HMS Fife (1966-1987) and Almirante Cochrane DLH-12 (1984-2006) formerly HMS Antrim (1967-1984) Falklands War veteran.

Unitas XXXVI
Chilean Navy County Class destroyer Cochrane (D-12) operating with US fleet, with Puma helicopters on the flight deck. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01708

County Class Valparaiso 2003Capitán Prat DLH-11 (1982-2006) formerly HMS Norfolk (1970-1982) scrapped in Mexico during 2009Capitán Prat county class Mexico scrap 2009County Class B Valparaiso 2003

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