Bulgarian Navy – Frigates


Wielingen class LOA 349′ TDISP 2,430 tons Belgian service 1978-2005 (3 of 4 units transferred from Belgian Navy, one having earlier been scrapped after a collision, Bulgarian service since 2005, only 2 are usually listed as active, with the other apparently used for parts)

Drazki “Daring” 41, 2009. Credit: Dmytro Sergienko / Public domain.

Wielingen class Class Atia 2019

Ship’s crest for the Drazki. Credit: Didimus / Public domain

Wielingen class Class Atia 2008Wielingen class zeebrugge 2007

Koni Class Type 1159 LOA 315′ TDISP 1,900 tons (1 active)

Smeli 11 “Brave” (1990) formerly Russian Delfin (1975-1990)

Smeli 11, ca. 2006 at Varna. Credit: Jorge Guerra Moreno, Varna, from Los Barcos de Eugenio – Eugenio´s Warships / CC BY-SA 

Smeli Koni Class Varna 2018Smeli Koni Class Varna 2019

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