Brazilian Navy – River Patrol and Monitors

River Patrol and Monitors

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Parnaiba U-17 (1938) LOA 180′ TDISP 720 tons. Oldest commissioned vessel of her type, armed with one 3″ 50 caliber gun and 2 Bofors 40mm and 6 Oerlikon guns.

Parnaiba U-17 Matto Grosso 2017Parnaiba U-17 Matto Grosso 2019Pedro Teixeira Class LOA 209′ TDISP 690 tons (2 active)Pedro Teixeira class river Rio Negro 2017Pedro Teixeira class river Rio Negro 2013Roraima Class LOA 152′ TDISP 365 tons (3 active)Roraima class river Rio Negro 2017Roraima class river Rio Negro 2013

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