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Type 22 Batch 1 LOA 430′ / 131.1 m TDISP 4,400 tons (4 transferred after RN service, 2 now retired)

Rademaker F-49 originally HMS Battleaxe F-89 (1979-1995) transferred to Brazil, in service since 1997.

Brazilian navy ship Greenhalgh in the Atlantic
BNS Greenhalgh, 2008. US Navy Official: 104958 Daniel Taylor

Rademaker F-49 Type 22 RIO 2018

Niterói-class LOA 424′ / 129.2 m TDISP 3,700 tons (6 built and 1 unarmed variant for training, 1 now retired)

Unitas XXXVI
União F-45, during exercises with US Navy, 1995. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01718

Niterói F-40 (1976-2019) and Defensora F-41 (1977)Niteroi class frigates RIO 2018

Garcia Class LOA 415′ / 126.5 m TDISP 3,400 tons (ex-USN 4 transferred to Brazil, all retired)

Pará D-27 (1988-2008) Formerly USS Albert David FF-1050 (1968-1988) AND Pernambuco D-30 (1988-2004) Formerly USS Bradley FF-1041 (1965-1988), scrapped 2013. Both saw service in Far East deployments during Vietnam War. Though this is not listed in wikipedia, it appears that Pará was scrapped soon after Pernambuco. Dismantling started at her longtime berth, where guns and deckhouses and upper decks were removed. Final dismantling was in the nearby drydock facility at the Ilha de mocanguê.Pernambuco and Para RIO 2009Para RIO 2012

Para scrapping RIO 2015
Note the ASROC launcher has been removed and placed slightly to port of the bridge, and the decks are being dismantled.

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