Brazilian Navy – Amphibious Warfare Ships

Amphibious Warfare Ships

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Foudre Class LOA 551′ / 167.9 m TDISP 12,000 tons (2 built for French Navy, 1 transferred to Brazil)

Bahia G-40 (2015) Formerly French Ship Siroco L-9012 (1998-2015)

Bahia G-40 ca. 2016, displaying the large deck and landing dock and stern gate of the Foudre class. Marinha do Brasil / CC BY-SA

Bahia Foudre class RIO 2018

Round Table Class LOA 450′ / 137.2 m TDISP 6,700 tons (1 active, 1 retired with Brazil)

Almirante Saboia G-25 (2009) formerly RFA Sir Belvedere L-3004 (1967-2008), with service in the Falklands War.Almirante Saboia G-25 RIO 2012Garcia D’Avila G-29 (2007-2019) Formerly RFA Sir Galahad (II) L-3005 (1987-2006) larger variant at 460′ / 140.2 m LOA, TDISP 8,700 tons.

Garcia D’Avila G-29 ca. 2008 Marinha do Brasil / CC BY-SA

Garcia D'Avila Round Table RIO 2018

Thomaston Class Dock Landing Ships (LSD) LOA 510′ / 155.4 m TDISP 12,150 tons (2 transferred from the USN to Brazil, both retired)

Ceara G-30 (1989-ca. 2016) formerly USS Hermitage LSD-34 (1956-1989), currently in reserve.

Ceara G-30, Thomaston Class, 2005. Marinha do Brasil / CC BY-SA

Ceara G-30 RIO 2009Ceara G-30 RIO 2020

Interior of the well deck of Ceara, G-29, with a landing craft, mechanized, ca. 2007 Marinha do Brasil / CC BY-SA

Rio de Janeiro G-31 (2001-2012) formerly USS Alamo LSD-33 (1956-1990), loaned to Brazil 1990 then commissioned ca. 2001.Rio de Janeiro LSD RIO 2009

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