Algerian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Vessels

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Training Ships

Soummam (2006) Training vessel 937 LOA 430′ TDISP 5,500 tons

Soummam 937 August 2014, displaying this training vessels unusually heavy armament of 76mm main gun, twin 37mm wing guns, and several AK-630 CIWS mounts. Credit: Tristan Farsac / CC BY-SA

Soumman Mers el Kebir 2018

Sail Training Ship

EL Mellah (2017) LOA 361′ TDISP unknown

El Mellah 938, built in Gdynia, Poland Credit: Ingrid Feske / CC BY-SA

EL Mellah sail training ship mers el kebir 2018

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