Shipsearcher Database Intro

What is this page about and why should you be interested? The Ship Identification Section (SIS) at Warsearcher have built a database and archive of satellite imagery of many of the World’s warships, as seen in the Google Earth catalogue, and in other online satellite and aerial imagery. There are ships from more than 50 … Continue reading “Shipsearcher Database Intro”

U-Boat deck gun, the research continues!

Krupp 8.8 cm 30 calibre quick-firing deck gun, no. 1972, produced 1916 (author’s photo) Sometimes you go about as far as you can researching something, and you still don’t have the answers you crave.  This happens surprisingly often with museum artifacts, as the chain of provenance and the wealth of detail that might have accompanied … Continue reading “U-Boat deck gun, the research continues!”