Shipsearcher Navy Pages – Release History

Shipsearcher navy index pages in the original order of publishing. This does not include frequent upgrades or new sub-pages: Royal Canadian Navy 2019/09/25 United States Navy Current 2019/09/30 United States Navy Retired 2019/10/03 submarines added 2021/08/07 Royal Navy 2019/10/25 Royal New Zealand Navy 2019/11/05 Royal Australian Navy 2019/11/08 Russian Navy 2019/11/17 (Russian submarines was published … Continue reading “Shipsearcher Navy Pages – Release History”

Iranian Navy – Frigates

Frigates Moudge Class LOA 312’ / 95.1 m TDISP 1,500 tons (2 active, 1 lost). This class has been heavily modified, with the latest units showing evidence of major upgrades. Talayieh (building). This ship had been expected to enter service in 2022, but based on reports and photos, has partially collapsed on its side in … Continue reading “Iranian Navy – Frigates”

The Strange Lives of a Fake Iranian Carrier

A brief history and satellite imagery exploration of what shipsearcher staff like to call the USS Potemkin Maru!

A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!

The Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, in his celebrated play, Dr. Faustus, wrote of a mythic age, when a thousand warships were launched to grab back Helen, the most beautiful woman. Here at Shipsearcher, the Ship Identification Section (SIS) can’t tell you if any of that happened in distant antiquity – satellite imagery of the Trojan … Continue reading “A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!”

German Navy – Submarines

Submarines Back to Frigates Attack Submarines Type 212 LOA 184-188′ / 56.1-57.3 m TDISP 1,830 tons submerged (8 active with German Navy, 4 with Italian Navy) Type 206 (Service 1973-2011) LOA 159′ / 48.5 m TDISP 500 tons submerged (16 all retired, 2 sold and in service with Colombia) Type 205 LOA 145′ / 44.2 … Continue reading “German Navy – Submarines”

104 year old Russian Salvage Ship found to be doing just fine!

The Komunna has been salvaging Russian subs since the time of the last Czar, Nicholas II. She was loosely modeled on the Imperial German ship, SMS Vulkan. Shipsearcher staff located the catamaran-style vessel, with four enormous connecting trusses, in a bay near Sevastopol, in the Crimea. This specialized ship is the oldest operational warship in … Continue reading “104 year old Russian Salvage Ship found to be doing just fine!”

French Navy – Submarines

French Navy Submarines Back to French Navy Frigates Ballistic Missile Nuclear-Powered Submarines (SSBN) Check out our 2022 comparative overview post on World ballistic missile boats. Triomphant Class LOA 453′ / 138.1 m TDISP 14,350 tons submerged (4 active, service since 1997) 16 MIRV-equipped SLBM tubes/boat Redoutable Class LOA 420′ / 128 m TDISP 8,000 tons … Continue reading “French Navy – Submarines”

Royal Canadian Navy – Frigates

Royal Canadian Navy Frigates Back to Royal Canadian Navy Destroyers Halifax Class FFH LOA 440′ / 134.1 m TDISP 4,700 tons (12 active) HMCS Halifax FFH-330 (1992) HMCS Vancouver FFH-331 (1993)HMCS Ville de Québec FFH-332 (1994) satellite image not yet located. HMCS Toronto FFH-333 (1993) HMCS Regina FFH-334 (1993)HMCS Calgary FFH-335 (1995) HMCS Montreal FFH-336 … Continue reading “Royal Canadian Navy – Frigates”