Royal Canadian Navy – Aircraft Carrier Tribute Page

Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft Carriers this page includes photos and composite views provided for general interest. Majestic Class Light Fleet Carrier (sub-class of 1942 British light fleet carrier design) LOA 704′ TDISP 20,000 tons (5 retired, all scrapped) HMCS Bonaventure CVL-22 originally building 1942-1946, to be named HMS Powerful, with construction halted at Belfast, Northern … Continue reading “Royal Canadian Navy – Aircraft Carrier Tribute Page”

French Navy – Submarines

French Navy Submarines Back to French Navy Frigates Ballistic Missile Nuclear-Powered Submarines (SSBN) Triomphant Class LOA 453′ TDISP 14,350 tons submerged (4 active, service since 1997) Redoutable Class LOA 420′ TDISP 8,000 tons submerged (6 built, all retired, 1 preserved). Five of the decommissioned submarines have been taken to Cherbourg and dismantled, which as a … Continue reading “French Navy – Submarines”

Italian Navy – Submarines

Italian Navy Submarines Back to Italian Navy Frigates Todaro Class (Type 212) LOA 188′ TDISP 1,800 tons submerged (2006 – present) (4 in service, more building) Sauro Class diesel electric attack (4 different batches) (1979 – present) LOA 210′ – 217′ TDISP ca. 1,700 tons submerged Nazario Sauro (batch 1) S-518 (1980 – 2002) Museum … Continue reading “Italian Navy – Submarines”

Russian Navy – Ekranoplans

Russian Ekranoplans (Ground Effect Vehicles) Back to Russian Auxiliaries and Other Ships Ekrano-what?! This unusual vehicle type are all developments of the original and giant KM “Caspian Sea Monster,” which was damaged and allowed to sink in 1980. One of the more unusual captures, these “daughters of the Caspian Sea Monster” are large ground-effect aircraft … Continue reading “Russian Navy – Ekranoplans”

Russian Navy – Submarines

Russian Navy / Soviet Navy Submarines 23 submarine classes documented with 54 captures. Ballistic Missile Nuclear-powered Submarines (SSBN) Typhoon Class / Project 941 Akula SSBN (1 active, 2 in reserve, 3 scrapped) World’s largest submarines LOA 574′ TDISP 48,000 tons submerged TK-208 Dmitry Donskoy (1981) In active service with Northern Fleet, upgraded TK-17 Arkhangelsk (1987) and … Continue reading “Russian Navy – Submarines”

Vimy Ridge: 100 years later, the relics of the Canadian Corps’ advance are spread across Canada

A wave of Vimy Centennial commemorative activities brings interpretations, reinterpretations, myth building and myth-busting to understandings of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (9-12 April 1917). A hundred years since the beginning of the assault on the fortified German positions around Vimy, I focus on the remaining artifacts, and, in particular, large war trophies captured by … Continue reading “Vimy Ridge: 100 years later, the relics of the Canadian Corps’ advance are spread across Canada”

Large German First World War Trench Mortar in Finch, Ontario

A nice discovery close to Ottawa! Finch Ontario was originally allocated this 24cm, Flügel Minenwerfer, and it was shipped there by Canadian Pacific Railways Dec. 20th, 1922. This is a very rare piece today, and there were only ever a handful of these shipped back to Canada. Regrettably, nothing is known about its capture. It … Continue reading “Large German First World War Trench Mortar in Finch, Ontario”

U-Boat deck gun, the research continues!

Krupp 8.8 cm 30 calibre quick-firing deck gun, no. 1972, produced 1916 (author’s photo) Sometimes you go about as far as you can researching something, and you still don’t have the answers you crave.  This happens surprisingly often with museum artifacts, as the chain of provenance and the wealth of detail that might have accompanied … Continue reading “U-Boat deck gun, the research continues!”

War Trophies of Canada Intro

Here is a brief contextual look at First World War trophies* in Canada: As the November 1918 armistice brought peace to a devastated Europe, a flood of captured German equipment poured into the victorious nations, with Allied governments depositing field guns, howitzers, trench mortars, and machine guns in communities. More than a dozen major shipments of war trophies on merchant … Continue reading “War Trophies of Canada Intro”


Greetings! We hope visitors will find these pages of interest. As of 2019, they combine two very different strands: Canadian War trophies and naval vessel imagery interpretation under the “shipsearcher” tabs. We are interested in interpreting history by examining records and artifacts. When credit is due we will strive to provide it. Any errors are … Continue reading “Intro”