SS America / USS West Point shipwreck

The SS America, completed in 1939 for the United States Lines, was a beautiful ocean liner. Graceful sweeping curves and two flared funnels with small winged caps gave her an art-deco styling, like other great liners of the era. Until the construction of the SS United States, in the early 1950s, she was the biggest … Continue reading “SS America / USS West Point shipwreck”

The Vessels of the 2022 Government of Canada archeological expedition to HM Ships Erebus and Terror National Historic Site

What a cast of characters, what a mise en scène! Since arriving off King William Island, Nunavut, in late August, 2022, the Parks Canada Research Vessel David Thompson has remained near the famous Sir John Franklin expedition shipwrecks longer than previous seasons. What amazing discoveries must the Underwater Archeology Team (UAT) be making at these … Continue reading “The Vessels of the 2022 Government of Canada archeological expedition to HM Ships Erebus and Terror National Historic Site”

Russian Black Sea Fleet – 2022 War Losses

A brief visual survey of Russian 2022 Black Sea Fleet warship losses – reality vs. false reporting

Three Thousand Shipsearcher views, many more pages, and 2021 debrief!

A while back we posted about reaching the milestone of a thousand shipsearcher warship views, and pointed to some of the most interesting captures and ship stories. We have now found more than 3,000 warships using open satellite imagery, and added these to the Shipsearcher database of pages! We continued our mission to travel the … Continue reading “Three Thousand Shipsearcher views, many more pages, and 2021 debrief!”

German Navy – Cruisers

German Navy cruisers (Kriegsmarine – Nazi Germany) Prinz Eugen LOA 697′ / 212.4 m TDISP 19,000 tons Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser. (1940-1945) Surrendered VE Day, 8 May 1945. Escorted by a force including HMCS Iroquois from Denmark to Wilhelmshaven and subsequently transferred to US Navy as USS Prinz Eugen IX-300 (1946-1947). Used as a … Continue reading “German Navy – Cruisers”

The World’s sailing warships, naval training ships, and replicas

  This page includes naval sail training vessels (normally operated by a navy), sailing replicas, and stationary replicas (including on land) that are reasonable facsimiles of warships. This page currently includes 143 views of 114 sailing ships. Ships are organized based on the country the original ship was from, not where they are now or … Continue reading “The World’s sailing warships, naval training ships, and replicas”

The Last of a Great Fleet of Ships Part 2: HMCS Cape Breton

20 years after her sinking, we feature unique views of HMCS Cape Breton, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Cape class maintenance ship, and the second last of the whole group of 320 wartime Park/Fort class merchant ships built in Canada. For a history of Park/Fort ships, which are Canadian-built ships designed along the similar lines as … Continue reading “The Last of a Great Fleet of Ships Part 2: HMCS Cape Breton”

An Illustrated History of the Three-Decker, Line of Battle Ship, and FOUR we found!

Where have all the three-decker line-of-battleships gone? A visual history of these massive floating fortresses, and views of all remaining first rate ships of the line!

Venezuela – Frigates

Frigates Almirante Mariscal Sucre / Lupo class (variant) LOA 371′ / 113 m TDISP 2,560 tons (6 built, as many as 3 active, service since 1980) Italian Fincantieri built. Almirante Clemente class Destroyer Escorts LOA 325′ / 99.6 m TDISP 1,500 tons (6 retired, service 1956-2011). Italian-built by Ansaldo. After several refits these were transferred … Continue reading “Venezuela – Frigates”

Philippine Navy – Frigates

Frigates Jose Rizal Class LOA 353′ / 107.6 m TDISP 2,900 tons (1 active, 1 fitting out) heavily modified  Incheon-class frigate, built in South Korea. Del Pilar Class Patrol Frigates, LOA 378′ / 115.2 m TDISP 3,250 tons formerly US Coast Guard Hamilton class cutters. (3 active) Cannon class Destroyer Escort LOA 306′ / 93.3 … Continue reading “Philippine Navy – Frigates”