SS America / USS West Point shipwreck

The SS America, completed in 1939 for the United States Lines, was a beautiful ocean liner. Graceful sweeping curves and two flared funnels with small winged caps gave her an art-deco styling, like other great liners of the era. Until the construction of the SS United States, in the early 1950s, she was the biggest … Continue reading “SS America / USS West Point shipwreck”

Iranian Navy – Frigates

Frigates Moudge Class LOA 312’ TDISP 1,500 tons (2 active, 1 lost) IRIS Sahand 74 (2018) reuses the pennant number of the Alvand class frigate destroyed by US forces during 1988. This new Sahand is reportedly an upgraded Moudge variant. IRIS Jamaran 76 (2010) IRIS Damavand 77 (2015-2018) this ship appears to have ran aground … Continue reading “Iranian Navy – Frigates”

The Strange Lives of a Fake Iranian Carrier

A brief history and satellite imagery exploration of what shipsearcher staff like to call the USS Potemkin Maru!

Royal Thai Navy – Landing Ships

 Continue to Landing Ships Landing Ships Return to Corvettes and Patrol Ships LST MK.2 Class LST-511 sub-class LOA 328′ TDISP 3,800 tons (ca. 1000 built over 3 sub-classes, at least 5 transferred to Royal Thai Navy) for other sister-ships and more information see USN retired landing ships listing.HTMS Phangan LST-713 (1966-ca.2005) formerly USS Stark County … Continue reading “Royal Thai Navy – Landing Ships”

A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!

The Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, in his celebrated play, Dr. Faustus, wrote of a mythic age, when a thousand warships were launched to grab back Helen, the most beautiful woman. Here at Shipsearcher, the Ship Identification Section (SIS) can’t tell you if any of that happened in distant antiquity – satellite imagery of the Trojan … Continue reading “A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!”

104 year old Russian Salvage Ship found to be doing just fine!

The Komunna has been salvaging Russian subs since the time of the last Czar, Nicholas II. She was loosely modeled on the Imperial German ship, SMS Vulkan. Shipsearcher staff located the catamaran-style vessel, with four enormous connecting trusses, in a bay near Sevastopol, in the Crimea. This specialized ship is the oldest operational warship in … Continue reading “104 year old Russian Salvage Ship found to be doing just fine!”

French Navy – Submarines

French Navy Submarines Back to French Navy Frigates Ballistic Missile Nuclear-Powered Submarines (SSBN) Redoutable Class LOA 420′ TDISP 8,000 tons submerged (6 built, all retired, 1 preserved) Redoutable (1971 – 1991) Museum boat since 2002, Cherbourg-Octeville in purpose built drydock Attack Submarines Daphné class LOA 190′ TDISP 1,050 tons submerged (11, 2 lost, rest retired, … Continue reading “French Navy – Submarines”

Royal Navy – Historic Ships

Royal Navy Historic Ships Back to Royal Navy Auxiliaries and Other Ships (including RFA vessels) (measurements of length are overall length from the taffrail or transom to tip of the bowsprit or jib-boom) HMS Warrior (1861) LOA 420′ TDISP 9,200 tons HMS Victory, 100 cannon First-Rate 100 cannon ship of the line (1765 – still … Continue reading “Royal Navy – Historic Ships”

Royal Navy – Frigates

Royal Navy Frigates Back to Royal Navy Destroyers Type 23 Class LOA 436′ TDISP 4,900 tons (16 active, 3 transferred to Chilean Navy) 2 variants: general frigate and ASW HMS Lancaster F-229 (1992) (General Purpose) (shown above larger HMS Dauntless Type 45 destroyerHMS Kent F-78 (2000) (ASW oriented) Type 22 Class LOA 430′ to 486′ … Continue reading “Royal Navy – Frigates”