An Illustrated History of the Three-Decker, Line of Battle Ship, and FOUR we found!

Where have all the three-decker line-of-battleships gone? A visual history of these massive floating fortresses, and views of all remaining first rate ships of the line!

South African Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships Return to Mine Warfare Ships Replenishment / Resupply SAS DrakensbergA-301 (1987) LOA 482′ TDISP 12,500 tons. Largest warship to be built in South Africa SAS Outeniqua A-302 (1992-2004) LOA 546′ TDISP 21,025 tons. Built in the Ukraine. Commercial service before and after South African naval service. Ice-breaking capability. Scrapped 2013. Hydrographic Survey … Continue reading “South African Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships”

Mexican Navy – Historic Ships

Historic Ships Return to Auxiliaries and Other Ships ARM Guanajuato C-07 LOA 259′ TDISP 1,300 tons (1936-ca.2001) gunboat/cañonero (corvette-sized) Museum ship Veracruz (originally 3 ships, designed to hold up to 250 troops and horses)

Greek Navy – Historic Ships

Historic Ships Return to Auxiliaries and Other Ships HS Olympias (1987) Replica of an ancient Greek Trireme LOA 121′ TDISP 47 tons

Royal Thai Navy – Landing Ships

 Continue to Landing Ships Landing Ships Return to Corvettes and Patrol Ships LST MK.2 Class LST-511 sub-class LOA 328′ TDISP 3,800 tons (ca. 1000 built over 3 sub-classes, at least 5 transferred to Royal Thai Navy) for other sister-ships and more information see USN retired landing ships listing. HTMS Phangan LST-713 (1966-ca.2005) formerly USS Stark … Continue reading “Royal Thai Navy – Landing Ships”