Royal Australian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Royal Australian Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels Back to Royal Australian Navy Submarines Corvettes Bathurst Class LOA 186′ TDISP 1,025 tons (60 built, 5 lost in action, 2 preserved) designed as minesweepers HMAS Castlemaine J-244 (1942) decommissioned to training ship 1945, Museum ship 1973 HMAS Whyalla J-153 (1942) land monument at Whyalla, South Australia decommissioned … Continue reading “Royal Australian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels”

Navies Down Under!

Two new pages explore the past and present surface warships of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). For shipsearcher staff, it was particularly challenging to locate imagery of these vessels, as they were all loaded upside down (we hope you enjoyed that truly elevated piece of imagery-related humour)! Some of the … Continue reading “Navies Down Under!”