RCN Flyers: The Fastest Naval Hydrofoils

52 years after the record smashing flight of HMCS Bras d’Or FHE-400, we explore Canadian milestones in the development of naval hydrofoil technology with great images!

Ekranoplan Updates! The “Caspian Sea Monster” crawls ashore, and it isn’t alone!

We located new views of the Soviet naval ekranoplan MD-160, the only completed Lun-class Ekranoplan, on the beach South of Derbent, Republic of Dagestan, and have added these to our listing of these very unusual craft! Towed down the coast from its long-term outside storage at Kaspiysk in late July, 2020, this 242-foot long “Caspian … Continue reading “Ekranoplan Updates! The “Caspian Sea Monster” crawls ashore, and it isn’t alone!”

The People’s Army of Vietnam Navy (PAVN)

The Vietnamese navy, officially the People’s Army of Vietnam Navy (PAVN), is the 45th navy documented by the Shipsearcher Identification Section (SIS). The variety of ships, as well as the extraordinary breadth of service of some of the units, makes the PAVN page a must-see, and adds 21 ship types and 35 Google Earth captures … Continue reading “The People’s Army of Vietnam Navy (PAVN)”

A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!

The Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, in his celebrated play, Dr. Faustus, wrote of a mythic age, when a thousand warships were launched to grab back Helen, the most beautiful woman. Here at Shipsearcher, the Ship Identification Section (SIS) can’t tell you if any of that happened in distant antiquity – satellite imagery of the Trojan … Continue reading “A Thousand Shipsearcher satellite views launched, and some highlights!”

Royal Canadian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Royal Canadian Navy Auxiliaries and Other Ships Back to Royal Canadian Navy Mine Warfare Vessels Hydrographic Survey CFAV Quest AGOR-172 (1969-2016) LOA 235′ TDISP 2,100 tons scrapped 2018 CSS/HMCS Acadia (1913) LOA 182′ TDISP 1,050 tons Canadian Hydrographic Service (commissioned patrol ship HMCS Acadia during both World Wars) museum ship since 1982 Replenishment / Resupply … Continue reading “Royal Canadian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships”

USN – Retired Patrol Vessels

Patrol Craft (see also current listing) Back to USN Retired Amphibious Warfare Ships (not Amphibious Assault Ships) Asheville Class Gunboats LOA 165′ TDISP 240 tons (17, 15 retired and sold to other navies, 2 were in service and Naval Surface Warfare Centers until ca. 2016) USS Canon PG-90 (1968-1977) Served in Vietnam and was extensively … Continue reading “USN – Retired Patrol Vessels”